Vertigo is the sensation that a person or the things around him are spinning. It is a hard to find the exact cause in many cases. Medical professionals can only identify the cause of vertigo in about half of all patients. This generally has to do with some type of head trauma.

60 people were involved in a study that was conducted back in 2006. All of these were suffering from vertigo. Interestingly, 93% of them recalled some form of injury to their head or neck in the past. Some of these injuries were due to car accidents, horseback riding, skiing, or minor things such as tripping and falling. This shows that the injury does not have to be extreme to cause a problem. Only 4 of the participants could not recall any form of accident.

This shows a very clear link between head trauma and vertigo. Why is this true? Well, it does not take a major blow to cause the C1 and C2 to move out of alignment. These two vertebrae have the job of protecting the brainstem. Therefore, a misalignment in this area can put pressure or stress on the brain stem leading to all kinds of health problems, including vertigo. Can anything help?

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Assistance for Those Suffering from Vertigo

As an upper cervical chiropractor, I am able to offer my patients some relief by realigning the bones of the neck. Specialized tests are used to determine exactly where a patient’s misalignment is located. Then, we work together to develop a plan of care to help one to have a healthy spine.

A scientific technique is utilized that relies on exact measurements and gentle pressure to the neck area. Once the bones move back into place, the body’s natural healing properties take over and begin repairing the damage done to tissue and muscle. This will often lead to the relief and even elimination of vertigo symptoms. The above-mentioned study included one person who had suffered from vertigo for 37 years. By realigning the neck, natural relief of vertigo symptoms was attained.

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