Migraine, Migraines, Headache, Headaches, Head Pain, Migraine Headaches, Migraine Relief, Headache Relief, Tension Headache, Tension Headaches, Migraine Headaches, Migraine Headaches ReliefMigraines are debilitating and can leave their sufferers feeling drained. But, isn’t a migraine just a really bad headache? What is the difference, and what can be done about it so you can finally obtain migraine relief in Calgary?

Migraines are actually neurological in nature, and a headache is just one of its many symptoms. Here are some other ways to tell the difference:

  • Migraines often have pain that shows up behind the eye.
  • Sometimes sinus problems accompany a migraine, such as teary eyes and a runny nose.
  • Some people experience an aura or visual disturbances with their migraines, such as flashing light, lines, or spots. These can last for  5 – 60 minutes and then go away for an hour before head pain begins.
  • Migraines usually only affect one side of the head with pounding and throbbing pain.
  • Neck pain may come on before, during, or after a migraine attack.

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The Impact of Migraines

Whether it is a headache or a migraine, it is sure to have a negative impact on your life in some way. Many people with migraines take more time off of work than those without. Family time and social events often suffer. Some relief options help ease the pain temporarily, but it is no guarantee that migraines will not occur again. People seem to be trending toward more natural means to care for migraines. Does this exist?

Proper Neck Alignment and Relief from Migraines

Solara Health in Calgary, AB offers its patients a natural, effective way to help migraines. Because they are often linked to a misalignment in the bones of the upper cervical spine, we focus on making sure these bones are in their proper position. A misalignment here can lead to an obstruction of blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid flow to and from the brain. This can cause a migraine to occur. Our migraine chiropractor in Calgary uses a gentle method that precisely targets the problem area and encourages the bones to realign naturally. Patients often see positive results in one or two visits.


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