Dr. Bohemier is trained in Upper Cervical care using the NUCCA procedure.  NUCCA frequently helps those suffering from migraines and other types of headaches, vertigo, fibromyalgia, chronic neck and back pain and more. Learn more about this unique, gentle and extremely effective approach in the short video.

Benefits of NUCCA chiropractic care at Solara Health


The NUCCA Correction is a gentle adjustment that is based off of 3 dimensional measurements of your head and neck. As a result of these precise measurements your adjustment requires a very minimal amount of force but is effective at restoring your postural balance and reducing your pain. People that have experienced our care are usually shocked at how such a gentle relief can be so effective.


Most patients in our office comment on how they love that they can visually see the changes to their posture and muscles after relief. On each visit a patient is measured posturally to determine whether or not an adjustment is needed. Frequently patients hold their alignment for extended periods of time.


The goal of the NUCCA correction is to get patients to hold their alignment. The adjustment just facilitates getting the patient to the right location but the healing occurs the longer the patient stays in the right position. After the initial period of care, our goal is to see people only occasionally to ensure that they haven’t lost their alignment from the stresses of daily life such as falls, accidents, traumas or stress.


The majority of patients that come to see us for headaches, neck pain, back pain and postural correction report improvement in symptomatology at the end of their initial period of care (7-9 visits). This reduces the amount of time they have to spend in the office and increases the amount of time they spend feeling better.


Benefits of NUCCA chiropractic in CalgaryPeople often don’t think their neck may be related to their headaches but more often than not that is the case. There are 22 muscles that attach to the first bone in the neck and 34 muscles that attach to the second bone in the neck. A number of nerves and arteries run from the base of the neck into the skull and the bones in the neck serve to act as a protection system for the brainstem and the cranial nerves. If there is any displacement of the bones in your neck from accidents, traumas or injuries the balance of the neck can be compromised and irritate musculature and neurological structures going into the head causing headaches. The NUCCA procedure restores the balance of the head and neck and affects your posture. 76% of people with Migraines and 89% of people with headaches that are candidates for the NUCCA relief report improvement in their headaches in just 6-8 visits.


Benefits of NUCCA chiropractic in CalgaryThe average weight of the human head is 8-16 pounds (3.6-7.2 Kilograms) and the vertebrae that hold the weight of the head weigh approximately 0.35 ounces (10 grams). The differential between the weight of the head and the vertebrae holding it up requires a balance of muscular tension to keep the head in its neutral position. If the relationship between the head and neck is imbalanced muscular tone is compromised to adapt to this change and this can affect range of motion, joint function and cause pain. People with neck pain and back pain generally tend to have an imbalance in their posture and this imbalance creates pain. The NUCCA relief restores the balance of your posture and allows the spine to function appropriately. 92% of people with neck pain and 90% of people with lower back pain that are candidates for the NUCCA relief report and improvement in their pain in just 6-8 visits.


Your posture is a reflex. Most people have the perception that their posture is a habit. The predominant thought in society and in health care is “Your posture is poor because you don’t work on it enough” but if you think about it for a moment you will quickly realize that this is not the case.

How much muscle tone is in your calf or back muscles right now?

Benefits of NUCCA chiropractic in CalgaryYour nervous system regulates the amount of tone in your muscles by sensing the position of your joints with little receptors in your joints called “mechano-receptors”. These little receptors relay information to the spinal cord and brainstem then the spinal cord and brainstem tell the muscles how tight to be. All this occurs without any conscious thought on your part at any moment in time. So if you have had accidents, falls, traumas from repetitive stress injuries you can actually change the position of your joints and your muscles will respond by getting tighter in an imbalanced way. The NUCCA procedure works with these reflexes to help your body stand straight and feel better when you are not thinking about it. The average postural correction is 83% within 2-3 days in people that are candidates for NUCCA care.


Treatment for vertigo at Solara Health Calgary chiropractorThere are many types of dizziness and vertigo that patients experience. The ability for you to sense the world around you appropriately requires the function of many different systems. The eyes, inner ear, brainstem, sensory cortex, motor cortex of your brain and proprioceptive information from the rest of your body are all integral in sensing your environment but can also be causes to dizziness. A lot of dizziness patients develop dizziness and vertigo days to years after head and neck trauma. One of the reasons for this is because of how important your upper neck and brainstem are to the ability of your body to sense the position of the head but also because your brainstem is the area of your body that relays information from the inner ear to the eyes (2 of the main sensory systems for the function of head position and posture). Dizziness patients respond tremendously well to NUCCA relief because as the position of the head and neck are restored to their appropriate position and most peoples nervous system functions better when their head position and spine are neutral. 72% of patients that undergo a relief program (9 visits over 8 weeks) in our office report improvement in the frequency, intensity or have resolution of their dizziness.


Treatment for lower back pain at Solara Health CalgaryLower back pain is typically the result of prolonged poor postural alignment of the lower back and hips, poor repetitive movements, coupled with postural adaptation of the rest of the body. Most people when they are experiencing back pain look to have their lower back treated thinking that because the pain is in the lower back the problem must be in the lower back. The mechanical dysfunction may be in the lower back but it is often not created there. The centres for postural control lie in the head and neck, if imbalanced this creates changes in muscle tension through out the body which in turn create distortion of the bony structure of the lower back. Because these changes occur without conscious thought (they are reflexes to changes in head position) most people who have these imbalances are unaware to their presence and that’s why after a number of years people seem to injure their backs without any understandable reason. The NUCCA procedure has helped many people suffering from lower back pain improve and achieve better posture without much effort. 88% of patients who undergo relief for lower back pain in our office report improvement in the intensity, frequency or resolve in just 9 visits over 8 weeks in our office. That’s how important the balance of the head is to posture of the lower back.

What Our Clients Say

Very surprised that my long time migraines would go away with just a few visits to Dr. Bohemier’s office. Excellent experience, excellent results. Excellent doctor!


I was surprised how non-invasive my NUCCA treatment was.. The change is almost immediate, and the proof that it is making a difference is right in front of you standing in the mirror.


I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. JP! I am so glad that I was able to find out about him as he has truly been a life changer!!
Thank you Dr. JP!


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